What is OIP?

The Cloud Native Digital Innovation Provider

  • Manage IoT Device

    Our platform handles the scalability of your IoT solution. Just write few line of codes to push the data up and you can rest assured your data is stored securely at our platform.

  • Manage APIs

    Our platform can be used for service or data exchange via network APIs. Other developers can quickly discover and subscribe to your APIs. We manage all the security and traffic for you.

  • Manage Data

    If you want to convert your spreadsheet to easily consumable APIs, just go to our platform to do formating and then publish it as APIs.

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What do we have?

To realize the potentials of micro services, REST APIs, IoT and smart services in the digital era to support our Government’s aspiration under MyDIGITAL initiatives, OIP is designed with contents and skillsets relevant to Malaysia context. This digital development platform is a must-have resources for developers and digital enthusiasts to spur their innovative ideas through collaboration and reusability of available resources. The number of APIs to be published is growing every day and to date, the number of API calls towards our platform has reached more than 55,000,000 calls since its introduction in May 2018.


Service APIs


Data APIs



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OIP is the best platform of sharing datasets and services where publisher can share their quality of datasets or services in a secured manner whereas subscriber can obtain their desired services or datasets from the publisher, and it's free!